October 11th, 2016

Intro: Robert de Niro about Donald Trump

Work with a partner. Watch each clip twice or as many times as you need.

1) First of all, watch the first video clip about some of the highlights of the debate.


Then, discuss your first impressions of the debate and what you might have heard about it before. Help each other out with things you didn’t understand.



2) One of you watches clips #1 and #2, the other one watches the remaining two. classroom-1297775_1280
Before watching, share with each other what you know about differences between US and German/European TV news.

Open this document containing a table. Save a copy to your folder “English” (create one if you haven’t done so yet). Fill it out after your first and second viewing.

(Hint: Organize both windows on your screen – someone around you can help you with this, for sure).
After watching and using your notes, discuss your impressions and results with each other.

Time: ca. 30 min.   Mode of presentation: class discussion (Sp starts to chose speakers.)


Clip 1 (you can stop at about 4.00 min.)

Clip 2

Clip 3


Clip 4

Pictures taken from pixabay.com (CC 0, Public Domain)

Extra clip: